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Man has always been drawn to the sea, but it is an unnatural setting for us. A place of great danger; tides, currents, waves, wind. Each presenting their own hazards; none of which can be ignored. The slightest lapse of judgement maybe a mistake you may never recover from. A good sailor doesn't fight against these elements. A good sailor works with them using them to his advantage while others less fortunate, might be cast adrift...often in several pieces, but he always comes home safely.

i die of the cute
Oct 30th
1 year ago
Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.

— Martin Luther King Jr. (via definitelydope)

Never again, but I can’t say I don’t miss it

One study suggests a cup of tea, comfortable pagamas and going to bed at exactly 10pm is the key to a perfect night’s sleep.
Sleep helps repair you body, boosts your immune system, reduce levels of stress and inflammation in your body, lowers blood pressure, improves memory, attention and mood. 
Some tips to sleep better are to set a regular bedtime, wake up at the same time every day, nap to make up for lost sleep, be smart about napping, and fight after-dinner drowsiness.
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